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  • Is a Dedicated Server Worth What You Pay? The decision of whether or not to pay for a dedicated server, is what many web site owners are faced with.

  • Bandwidth and Server Load. Two key performance metrics will impact every web site owner sooner or later: bandwidth and server load.

  • At some point, nearly everyone finds it necessary to change web hosts. It may be just a migration to another server, or it may be changing web hosting companies entirely.

  • When changing your web hosting. Nearly everyone will want to change to a new webhost at some point.

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  • A database is a collection of organized data, stored in files that have a specific structure. It's that organization and structure that allows for easy and rapid storage and retrieval.

  • DNS - Domain Name System The way computers communicate is, in a way, very similar to something very familiar: the postal system that delivers letters and packages. Here's how...

  • Domain Name Changes. When you choose to change your domain name, there are actually two separate steps involved: releasing the old name, and adopting the new one.

  • All About Domain Names - Domain Names What's in a name? In the case of your web site the answer is: quite a lot. A domain name is the designator for your site.

  • Domain Sharing with Website Hosts, The Pros and Cons

  • Email Issues - When you build a web site, you often provide a means for users to communicate with you. One of the most common 'add-ons' to a web site is the addition of some kind of email access.

  • FTP and Other File Transfer Tools. FTP, which is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is one of the earliest challenges that novice web site owners encounter

  • Managing Disk Space. Few things are less exciting than managing the disk space that always seems to be in too short a supply. But few things are more important to the health and well being of your site.

  • Webhosting Money Saving Options with the different website hosting services

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  • Website Hosting Services Information

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  • Redundancy and Failover these fancy words name very common sense concepts. When one computer (or part) fails, switch to another. Doing that seamlessly and quickly versus slowly with disruption defines one difference between good hosting and bad.

  • Sharing A Server. The first consideration is availability. Shared servers get re-booted more often than stand alone systems. That can happen for multiple reasons.

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  • The Internet and How It Works In one sense, detailing the statement in the title would require at least a book. In another sense, it can't be fully explained at all, since there's no central authority that designs or implements the highly distributed entity called The Internet.

  • Unix vs Windows-Based Hosting. Whether a Unix-based site (usually Linux these days) is easier to administer than Windows based depends on your current skill set and the type of tools and level of access the web hosting company provides.

  • You should know and understand the basics of web hosting, when you look into creating your own website for the purpose of consumers and readers to visit

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  • Free vs Paid Web Hosting Options. Everyone likes to get something for free. Free isn't always good when it comes to website hosting services

  • Do you need a web hosting service provider? Yes you do if you are an individual who is interested in starting your own business or running a website online.

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  • Do It Yourself Administration. The choice of whether or not to try to administer your own web site brings with it a host, pun intended, of issues.

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  • Website Hosting Services Information and articles, learn what to look for in a web hosting company and how to choose the right web host for your website.

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  • Why Backups Are Essential. The one thing that you should never let slide are backups. They are like insurance. You rarely need it (you hope), but when you do you need it very badly.