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      Our Business

      Qinhuangdao Chuangrui Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.(CRMECO) specializes in diesel engine products and services. From engines to turbochargers, waterjets to generators, filtration to control systems, compressors to deck equipment and the instrumentation and automation in between,CRMECO sells and services the finest products in their class. Our staff is factory trained and their many years of experience means they can tackle and solve most service problem, on the work bench and on-site.

      With its four Strategic Service Units, Engine & Marine Systems, offshore, Power Plants and After Sales Sevice, CRMECO is one of the professional field's leading suppliers of engines and associated systems.

      With a product range that covers the spectrum of applications, CRMECO has a proven solution for every application; from emergency and stand-by power to powering the shipping industry and complete turnkey power plants. From engines, compressors and turbines to complete machine trains CRMECO has your power needs covered.

      CRMECO offer a perfectly coordinated power spectrum duty  and heavy duty  operation with powerful acceleration and high tractive force. CRMECO’s spare parts provide the ultimate in reliability and efficiency for the shipping industry and has a solution for every size of vessel. When it comes to customer service, CRMECO ‘s product ensure happy working for ship and power plant owners. 

      Our goal is to service your entire capital equipment, starting with the main engines and generators and continuing with the entire related auxiliary systems such as:

      Filtration and separation systems
      Deck machinery
      Heat exchangers
      Diagnostic equipment
      Monitoring and control systems

      CRMECO provides the following:

      Services for all makes and models of auxiliary
      OEM authorized training
      24/7 emergency services
      Technical support
      Inventory (including new and exchange units)
      Authorized Spares Parts and Co

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